Thursday, April 01, 2010

bath towels

i printed on size of bath towels with new design fish.

i wanted to design to look fine from every direction, so i created fish facing each direction.
this towels would be perfect to bring to the beach!

its same materials i use for hand towels, and very light and thin, so it wont take over your bag.

i think it can be use it as a baby blanket too.

i only printed 7 total for this size, and im not planning to print with this size.

take a look at my etsy shop! thank you!


Tanpopo said...

Hi there !! I love those fish designs !

Mira said...

Amazing work, again! Love these :)

Alex Snowdon said...

I love your colour combinations, especially the red and blue, looks amazing.

Yuko said...

hi tanpopo,
thank you so much for visiting my blog! glad to hear you like this design. :)

thank you mira!
this design is my current favorite.

hello alex,
thank you for stopping by!
i like that color combination too.
like your etsy shop!

Elyse said...

OH! I would love to see more towels of this size...I love your designs...