Thursday, May 17, 2012

how are you doing?
hayama art festival finished last sunday.
thank you all for coming to my open studio and workshop.
total of more than 60 people had their first or second time ( some came last year too) screen printing experience and they went home with smile and cute cotton bags!

in japan, there are not many screen printing classes available. even in tokyo.
years ago, when i was in japan, i tried to search the printing class, but they are either for pro or so expensive.
so when i went to chicago, i was happy to find out that there are classes available for everybody.
screen printing is so simple and fun! i want many people to enjoy them!
im thinking about doing workshop on regular bases.  that would be fun.

early this week, i was tired from the festival. i chilled and relaxed which im good at it. 
then on wednesday, i had urge to want to make something.
so i made the duvet cover and pillow cases.
i didnt print this time, i had many pattern prints in my bedroom( wall and curtains), so i wanted it to be more  quiet design.
i just sew straight ( not so straight ) line over and over and foreverrrrr using #20 threads which is for jeans , very thick threads. 
i had made the duvet cover using same fabrics i use for baby blanket, but none for my self. this 4 layered gauze fabric is so nice! its so light and soft, perfect for summer. i loved the texture. i used same fabric on back side too.
its tedious work to just sew straight line again and again, my motivation was to imagine sleeping in them, and that kept me going. haha

i love how it turned out, and i slept in it last night and was heavenly!
i want to make this one again and sell because i think many would love this duvet cover but i dont have energy to sew that much again at one time.
i will make duvet cover using this fabrics with my print on it.
hopefully soon!