Monday, February 21, 2011

new embroidery "home"

it has been forever since i wrote on my blog...
February is almost over, and how are you guys doing?
my 2011 started nice and peaceful, i love new years in japan, good food and chill mode all the way with family.

i have lots of plans for patapri this year, but ive been slacking! :p

i wanted to show you my new embroidery piece called " home ". I just finished last night.
i put all my energy into this piece, and its finally done! yay!
i was working on nothing but this piece since january.
the bird on the bottom is toby, my bird who come to my balcony everyday, which represent my home. those triangles and colors represent life, things happen to your life, happy things , sad things by colors and each french knots.

all those french knots left me with sore hands and fingers, but its all worth it. :D
i love how it turned out, its on my living room wall now.