Friday, April 16, 2010

happy 3rd birthday PataPri. towels giveaway!

ive been working on this piece for a while, finally finished!!!
it took me forever,and i like the end result.

while i was working on this piece, i missed the important day for PataPri...
it was PataPri's 3rd birthday on April 13th!
even though, i closed PataPri for 8 months last year, im happy that im still doing it!

anyway, to celebrate PataPri's birthday, im doing a giveaway!

guess the number of threads i used for this mountain embroidery piece!

please, enter the number in comment section.

3 lucky people who get a right number or closest to right number will receive set of 2 towels from PataPri towel collections.

mountains infos.

size : 23.5in by 20in 60cm by 50cm

embroidery : 3 rounds french knots
threads : DMC threads 8m 8.7yd

please leave a number on my comment section by april 23rd.

Thank you all for guess the number!


meredith cheng - munaluna said...

happy anniversary, yuko! I wish you the best in your business for many years to come :) I would love to collect more towels of yours - hopefully I'll win this giveaway :)I think I will have to think a little bit before I put in a number :D I'm having a giveaway too on my blog - become a follower and you may take home a tea towel!

Yuko said...

thanks meredith!

just followed your blogs :)
yes, please leave a number!

Jeni said...

It's beautiful! I think I'll guess 8,000 :)

meredith cheng - munaluna said...

ok - this is a wild guess: 3,000
I have a good feeling I'm so far off!

ramona said...

What a fantastic piece! I'm going to guess 45. Thanks for keeping Pata Pri going... I love your towels! :)

Anonymous said...

This seems like a trick question and I know I will absolutely fail.

Let's say - 499 threads ;) Just trowing it out there.

BTW, love your work and happy birthday PataPri ;)

- Julia

britt said...

I just discovered your blog and etsy shop. I think your designs are terrific.

I'm guessing 200 threads.

All the best,

Britt Madsen

Suzy said...

It is such a beautiful embroidery! And congratulations on your anniversary. I love my PataPri towels, and always enjoy seeing what you make.

I think you might have used 20 packets of thread.

Mira said...

It looks wonderful! I'd say you needed 30 of them.

PaperLion said...

It looks fantastic!

I'm going to guess 54.

Nadja said...

After a lot of calculation, I go with 43 :)
beautifully done!!!

veronique said...

126?.....truth is i have no idea but i like that number. looks fab btw!.....

wvgirl said...

I guess 77. ;-)

Yuko said...

hi everyone!
thank you for guessing the number!!

keep them coming! :)


Lindsay said...

I'm guessing 513 -- I just found your stuff on etsy and I love it! Glad I checked out your blog, here's hoping I win ;)

Jeni said...

Haha, for some reason I was guessing the number of knots! ;)

Sara said...

187! Beautiful work :O)

Yuko said...

thanks for stopping by my blog everyone!

you can try guess again!
not a knots, how many packets? of threads i used.
i didnt know how to call it....

Shiri said...

Happy 3rd Birthday! Love all those knots. I'm guessing you used 25 packs of thread.