Saturday, August 30, 2008

open house at lillstreet!

there is a open house tomorrow at lillstreet.
textile department will have a printing workshop by allison rose who teaches there and also has shop at etsy for free!
every other department will doing work shop so stop by!

pic on the card who is printing is me :).

Sunday, August 24, 2008

my first embroidery.

i finished 2 of my first embroidery, and i enjoyed making them.
i always thought embroidery is so beautiful, but i've never thought trying myself.
but my friend at lillstreet, resident textile artist camille canales inspires me so much.
i saw her working on her peices all summer for her show currently going on at lillstreet, and made me want to try it.
if you are living around montrose neighborhood, you can see her flags on lillstreet building.

* updates about my electronics.
tv is back on, printer came back from shop, but computer is still half dead. but im fine :).

Friday, August 15, 2008

Summer sale!

PataPri is having a big summer sale.
everything is 20-30%off.

stop by and shop!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

no no no no noooo!

it has been a bad and crazy week in my world.
first, my place was flooded from huge storm we had in chicago last week.
it wasn't much damage i thought, just little stuff like rugs and fabrics. all my furniture were safe.
and it went back in normal next day after i mopped like crazy.
and then yesterday, all my electronics started acting crazy. ( from thunderstorm according to my friend) but why after a week???
now, my printer, computer, and tv are not working!!!!
i might have to close my etsy shop for the moment...
im living i fear of losing all my design and pictures....

since no computer and tv, my place is quiet, usually some music or tv are always on.
no project runway? no movies? nooooooooooooo!

ok, enough about it.
let me think about positive things happen to me past week..
oh i had my fabrics delivered, 50 yards of white pure linen, my usual fabrics for towels.
now i can print! ( no image without computer though )
i made pillow cases for my self.
i started embroidery and its fun.
i will post pics when my computer get fixed, or maybe i have to get a new one...