Wednesday, March 31, 2010

a little shop sign

hello, i started doing embroidery again!
ive been thinking about how i can use these cute beads into embroidery piece, but the idea doesnt hit me yet, so while i wait for it, i made a little shop sign.

i had bought many threads for the project ( 60% off on yahoo auction japan), i hate not having materials when idea come up and ready to start work on it, so i tend to stock up materials in my hands. ( i think it comes from my mom, she stock up lots of craft materials, like she can open a shop)

i was looking for a case to store these threads, and i found this!
its a perfect size and cute little shelf!
it was a little pricey ($150) but worth it!

Friday, March 26, 2010

hello from imabari-city!

i had an amazing time in imabari-city! what's so special about imabari-city?

imabari-city is known for making best towels in japan for last 100 years.

i didn't know about it either. i first read about imabari towels on apartment therapy last year in chicago, and just glad to see beautiful towels coming from my home country!

and now im back in japan, and most of you already know that i switched my material from linen to cotton (gauze towel).
the reason is that i wanted to make towels with something unique material and only found in japan , and i found the gauze towel.
i fallin love with them when i used it for the first time.

so soft and light ( i like the fact its thin that dry quickly and light )

i visited yoshii towel company. here is the pics of what they make and my visit to towel factory. a yoshii towel company makes an amazing towels with eco friendly, toxic free cotton. it cost more and takes time more, but they believe in what they do and continue doing it for last 50 years.

i will tell you more about what i was doing there and perhaps great news to patapri!!

super thanks to mr. president yoshii, mr.kikugawa, mr.mineda, and mr.kimura to show me and welcoming me!

and pics from a towel factory. i was so impressed with these machine and i never knew it takes soooo many steps to make a towel!
look at the huge role of threads.
many machines involved and many peoples hand involved.
after all these machine steps, people are sewing the hem, and checking towels one by one! i have more application for towels :).

ive seen these towels and bath mat in tokyo and magazines but never knew they went through so many peoples hand from imabari-city.
pretty sweet!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

love etsy!

i was smiling when i open my mail box today. ( yes, mail man delivers in sunday too in japan )
came from washington and new york by amazing etsy sellers!!

egg shaped containers are from an amazing artist Jennifer Fisher of jfish designs.
these containers cast from an actual egg!!!
i didnt buy these to put beads in it, but they look cute together.

and these beautiful hana(flower) beads are from mika of pinocean.
when i first saw her work on flikr, i just loved it!
and went to her etsy shop and bought myself hana beads, and i wanted more, so i ordered more for them.
ive been thinking about how i will use these. i want to make a wall art with embroidery and these beads. i cant wait to start working on it.

a cute little hi are from oh hi shop.
they are nice addition to my shelf, arent they?

Friday, March 12, 2010

patapri on facebook fan page.

hello, i finally decided to join facebook.
i havnt figure it out how to use, but im trying! please join my page :)
here is patapri facebook.

a beautiful flower & antique shop here in akiya ( my town ) now carry my towels.
i found this shop while i was taking a walk, and bought flowers.
avanti shop is in 100years old kura which is really cool.

after i came home, i googled the shop, and found out a little history about avanti.

i then became friends with the owner of the 蔵(kura=old storage) who is architect. his house is behind the kura, and anvanti owner loved my towels!

anyway, my readers are faraway, but if you live near akiya, yokosuka, please stop by avanti!

their kura is something to see!

my studio and home is 10 minuits away from here, so if you are in neighborhood, stop by my studio. print together!

View avanti in a larger map

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

wrapping paper & mizuhiki

i wanted to make my own wrapping paper when i do gift wrap towels.
and i found beautiful paper that printable with inkjet printer.
the paper feels like washi(japanese paper) and fabric.

print came out perfectly, and nice!

my new craft hobby is called mizuhiki (水引), it's traditional japanese craft that has been around since 1400 years ago! ( according to mizuhiki site i read.)

im not good at explaination, so please read wiki. :p
there are many kinds of knots and each knot has meaning and when to use...

i found it really beautiful so im enjoying making it and not worry about all the rules of mizuhiki.
those cords are pretty cheap( 100 codes for $4-5) and they have many colors available and you know i love colorful color!

i tried it for the first time, and i gotta say its not easy!
to line up 4 codes nicely is hard.
i hope to make more complicated shape someday!

anyway, im ready to do gift wrap!
these gift wrap is available for $3 at my etsy shop.
sorry i have to charge it since paper is pretty expensive and mizuhiki takes time to make one.
free gift wrapping is available as always. ( glassine paper with cute ribbon!)

so please leave a message " i want a gift wrap! " when you place order my towels :D.

or purchase my new gift wrapping.