Monday, September 29, 2008

my first experience of pilsen open house.

Im relaxing at quiet home now after 3 days of open house.
i want to say thank you so much for people who stopped by!
it was a wonderful experience. i didn't know what to expect since ive never done anything like that but im so glad i did, and glad i did it with camille. she is a one of hardest working girl i know, and her young and sweet energy made this show to success! along with her beautiful embroidery art.
most exciting part was to meet people, lots of cool people stopped by our place.
i met many neighbors who ive never met before even we live close by, so that was fun.
thanks again everyone!

another good news i received today was super heather from skinnylaminx conved me and she mentioned my towels on the Elle Decoration SA blog, yay! thank you heather.

*pics are our works desplay in my apartment.
notice my couch color changed? I upholstered it, it was a one of my summer project.
better than black leather dont you think?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

38th Artist's Open House

My neighborhood ( pilsen ) is having a 38th Artist's Open House on next weekend September 26-28. I am participating it with Camille Canales !!
I will open up my studio (? )/apartment to public. really??
It's kind a weird to open up my living space to the public, but Camille and I are excited about this event!
We will showcase our works and sell at this event, so please stop by and take a look at our works.
Camille ( who inspired me to try out embroidery ) does amazing embroidery works, she also does silkscreen.

now, Im cleaning up my apartment like crazy.
hope to see you guys!
38th Artist's Open House
September 26th, 2008 - September 28th, 2008
Friday 6-10pm Sat and Sun 12-7pm

around 18th and Halsted st.
My place is next to church ( my door facing Jesus ).

*You can get all the information at information booth at 18th and halsted.
look for a orange flag(made by camille) and my orange bike!

Monday, September 15, 2008

renegade craft fair.

who went to renegade? I did!!
weather was horrible, rained all weekend, but all the crafters and artists spirits were sun shining!
i was impress about their booths presentation. They carefully thought about how they present their beautiful works. i saw some really cool booths. and i liked the guy who were selling chalkboard t-shirts by class.
i said hi to few friends who were vendors at renegade, weather didn't beat them, they are smiling and having a great time ( sort of ) doing what they love and made me feel yay!
i stopped by at etsy booth and met etsy people too.
i bought a couple of thing with my limited budget, and i love them. ( bowl and notebook pics come later )
i hope i can do renegade maybe in christmas or next year.

* pics are new towels in my shop.
im a serious sushi eater, i love fish. so i made fish towels :)