Thursday, June 24, 2010

a visitor at my home.

the other day, a kite bird was chillin at my balcony.
a pretty big bird.
so i gave him a raw meat, to see if he eats it or not.
i heard that a kite bird is very cautiousness、and dont come close to human, but he did.
now he comes every afternoon waiting for me.

he is smart, one time i gave him a bread, but he ignore it, looking at me like no thanks!
and as soon as i had a meat in my hand, he flew towards me. he has a very good eye site!

more blankets are available at my etsy.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

mt masking tape!

i love these mt masking tapes!
i use them when i wrap my towels and more.
i even custom ordered tape dispensers for them.

i have been wanting to make my original masking tapes, so i checked.
when i searched last year they are offering for custom masking tapes but minimum batch was 1000 rolls or more which cost around $4000!!!
so i gave up.

but now they are offering for less with variety of tape width.
so now i can make it around 1G. that's a considerable price, dont you think?
still lots of money, but i love masking tapes and it will be so much fun making my original design tapes.....

hmmm thinking time....
maybe for next year's PataPri anniversary, i need a big excuse to spend 1g! :p
can i wait for that long....

Saturday, June 12, 2010

new baby blanket.

i made baby blankets with a gauze fabric.
the material is so soft, and perfect for baby.

they are available for $58 at my etsy shop.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

my front yard looks happy now.

just wanted to share beautiful flowers in my front yard. :)

Saturday, June 05, 2010


its june already!
how are you guys doing?

ive been getting lots of good feedbacks of my new bedding.
im so happy that people enjoy what i make.
i printed a couple more queen size duvet cover and pillow cases sets.

today, my fam visited me from tokyo and my mom cleaned up my grandma room a little
since i havnt touch anything and just left everything as it was except my studio room.
she found some of my grandmas handmade bags.
i thought the crochet beads bag is so beautiful!
and those pattern books are from 50's.
it's sad that i never had a chance to learn crochet from her.

i moved to this house 9 months ago, wow already?
and it was supposed to be for a few months, but i love here so much that i dont want to leave!
weather i will be here for a few more months or year, i think its time to change around the house a little for my taste.
first thing im thinking about doing is change the bedroom wallpaper.
those 2 are my top 2 choices.
from here.
what do you think?

i will be at hayama environment festa tomorrow.
if you are in the neighborhood, please stop by!
there will be locally grown veggies and fish.