Monday, April 26, 2010

embroidery on the bag.

i wanted a big messenger bag that i can put all my stuff in it.
and i found a perfect simple bag on j.crew.( i dont see it amy more on their site.)
i like the bag, really big and sturdy, but i thought its little too simple so i embroidery on it. :)

is anyone watch dexter? i know its old news...
i just watch the season 4 finally, in japan, they air months later than USA.

im shock that ??? is gone!!! rita can be annoying but i still liked her.
but i still have deb, she is my favorite in the show and of course dexter. im so glad to know micheal hall recovered from his cancer.


M is for make said...

I love Dexter, I wish i'd seen that spoiler coming though, we're a bit behind in the UK! Debs is my favourite too!

Yuko said...

ohhh im sorry!
i will hide it.
i thought everybody watched it by now.
new season starts on september in usa, i cant wait!
i sounds so geek.. :P

m said...

Hi Yuko. I'm curious - what type of embroidery is that? Are you using a punch needle?
Love your sense of colour. (mary)

Yuko said...

hi mary,
i dont know much about embroidery but this is a normal? embroidery.
a normal needle and threads.
sorry i dont know what a punch needle is. :P

M is for make said...

don't worry, it takes so long to come to the UK, I will probably have forgotten by then!!

meredith cheng - munaluna said...

it's only fitting that you add your own touch to the bag - that's the great part about being an artist!

Anonymous said...

your work is sooo cute. very cute bag!!!

Aarti Badamikar said...

Pretty Pretty!!!