Friday, May 14, 2010

new bedding at my etsy.

just finish taking pics of all 4 bedding set!

i hope you enjoy these :)
you have to touch to really appreciate these beddings but hope pics can show a little bit of texture and feel of these new bedding.

available at my etsy shop.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

new bedding!

i finished 2 set of twin size duvet covers and pillow covers!
i was gonna wait till i finish queen size one, but i couldnt wait to show them to you. im very happy how it turned out. i like new fabrics!
i think these will be perfect bedding for children's bed room for all season.

hopefully i can finish sewing queen size one in a couple of days.
so i can list these on my etsy.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

papers & wood

this is a memopad!
printed on newsprint paper with 4 designs & 4 colors.

240memos on the cherry wood block.

they are bundled together by the iron nail.
you like?
i made 2 of these, and available at my etsy for $ 28.

have you guys noticed the new feature at etsy called suggested shop on your favorite page?
i checked mine and first shop recommended was my own shop patapri.
i thought that was funny!

busy busy.

hows everyone doing?

im working on duvet covers and pillow cases with new fabrics.

im falling love with quadruple gauze fabrics that im using for a bedding.
if you know double gauze fabrics, you know how soft and cozy they are!
if you're not familiar with this fabrics, you can read little bit about it in here.

i use quadruple gauze fabrics on print side and double on back.
they are so airy and soft!
i wish you can feel this fabrics.

quadruple one has crinkle texture which i love! can you see it from pic?

so ive been busy printing and sewing!
im aslo making new tags for my towels, had a hard time choosing colors.
i cant wait to start printing with my new
imabari towel with my own tags!

bedding should be up on my etsy soon!