Monday, April 19, 2010

hayama art festival.

hayama art festival is starting this weekend.
its an art festival that more than 140 artists and shop who live around hayama, zushi, akiya open up their house/studio to public and show what they make.

hayama is a place known for a resort and many summer houses here.
after meiji era, because of location(close to tokyo) and a beautiful ocean and mountains, many artists and writers moved up here.
so hayama and art has very close relationship!
my grand parents had their summer house here for last 50 years and now i get to live here while im in japan! yay!
the house is 50 years old house, old... but i have a good memory of visiting here when i was kid so i feel lucky that i get to live here even for a short time!
besides a car, you gotta take a bus to get here, meaning not many people, meaning not many commercial businesses.
lots of shops and stores are here forever, generation to generation, which is nice!

there are lots of events ( music, a craft fair, talk shows, performances ) happen during the 2 weeks.

i missed the deadline for open house app, but
i will be at 海山バザール(umiyama bazaar)at earthen place which is a nice cafe in my neighborhood.

i will be selling my towels!
so today i printed bags.

i wont be participate open house officially, but you are welcome to stop by my studio during the festival. i will make you a tea or two!

秋谷にある、アーセンプレイスというカフェで近隣のクラフト作家展示販売に参加します。 採れたて地野菜・海産物の販売もあるそうです。 とっても素敵なカフェなので,是非来て下さい!

より大きな地図で 第18回葉山芸術祭 を表示

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