Tuesday, April 20, 2010

nice to meet you too

yay! my work is included in the book " nice to meet you too" from victionary!
i cant wait to receive a copy.
i see my card on front cover, above O of "TO".
i will post my page when i have my copy.

and, my towels are featured in crochet today! magazine.
they are out now.


Lu Haddad said...

Congratulations! All the best!
If you have interest to see my work as well, the link is http://lotsof.me

meredith cheng - munaluna said...

many many congrats, Yuko! I'm not surprised about the amount of recognition your work gets :)

Yuko said...

Thank you Lu haddad,
Thank you for sharing your link.
nice stickers!

hi meredith!
thank you!
im excited about this book!
i love victionary publication company.
their cover design is always so cool.
inside too!