Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Happy weekend!

I had a wonderful time on weekend!
My parents and sister stopped by Chicago for a day from their vacation from Brazil. So. I went up suburb to meet them up on Saturday. They brought many omiyage ( little gift ) from Japan, France (my sis lives in Paris for past 10 years), and Brazil for me. My mom brought many Japanese foods and hair products, and I don't know why but she gave my sis and I Japanese chio pet... She said " Isn't it cute?" My sis got me delicious chocolate from Paris, and Brazilian color sweat pants and etc... I gave them PataPri towels and duvet cover to my sis. We had a great time shopping ( My parents like Cosco! They don't live here but my dad has a membership card! ) I think they can get Michigan Ave. stuff in Japan but not cosco stuff, so to them, cosco is a fun american shopping experience. We went to other places and had a dinner. Sunday, after they left, I came back to city for Renegade craft fair! I was waiting for this! I went there little late so some of shops are already closed but I was able to meet some of etsy sellers and stopped by etsy booth to say hi. My wonderful purchase at Renegade are super cute tile from Circa Ceramics, and artists Nancy and Andy are so nice, I was so happy to see them in person. I also got a block stamp stuffie from Artgoodies which inspired me alot. Her works are wonderful! and deer coasters from Paperedtogether, I love her works!
I wish I could buy more and meet more people but Renegade show inspired me so much. Someday I want to do a big show like this! Maybe next year.