Saturday, November 28, 2009

PataPri hand towels.

since i decided to print here (japan), i was looking and researching new fabrics to print on besides linen.

i found the japanese hand towels which has 2 sides, front side is soft gauze fabrics, and back side is short length loop.
i used it and really liked it, so soft , dry quickly, and very light.

so here are my new hand towels.

9 new desing are available at my etsy

i hope you like them as much as i do!

Friday, November 27, 2009

my inks are here!

finally, my inks arrived this week.
i've been printing ever sine, so much fun!
i realized how much i like doing this.

my new studio is working great, best part is the view.
its nice to be at studio.

new stuff will be on etsy this weekend, hope you check them out :).

Saturday, November 21, 2009


im still waiting for my inks to arrive.... it has been a month! please, USPS, please!

anyway, i found a craft toy called "orikeshi" it means original eraser in japanese.
it looks fun even though it is a toy for girls, so i bought it.
last night , i was having a fun making erasers!
it comes with small sticks of eraser, and design cards and holding stand to create your own eraser.
i didnt like the designs that came with, so i made a few designs on illustrator.
after you place those sticks of eraser, you microwave them for 60seconds.
and you have a eraser. it erase good too!

Friday, November 06, 2009

new business cards.

i just received my new business cards in mail!
i've been waiting for it and i'm so happy with the result.

while i was researching and thinking about my new business card, i found the paper called "pachica".
i really liked this paper so i decided to use this one for my cards.
amazing things about this paper is that when it hot pressed it become transparent.

so i designed with my favorite shapes and blue and orange parts are foil stamped.
cant wait to give out to people. :)