Friday, April 30, 2010

nice to meet you too

i just received my copy.
victionary always does an amazing work!
I personally love their book cover design.
they use a special print effectively and very well.
this time they use vinyl sleeves and screenprinted title. cool!

i really like my business cards, so its really cool to see mine with many other amazing designers work.
a very inspirational book!

in japan, we are having a golden week ( we call it a golden week, because there are many holidays around this week, Showa Day, Constitution Memorial Day, Greenery Day, Children's Day... )
so some might get a week off. since i work from home with my own business everyday is work day and holidays haha.

im process of switching towel materials.

so until i get new towels im taking a break of printing towels.
its good time to make something different.
right now, im making a duvet cover, i havnt make duvet covers since chicago, but i have a fabrics that i wanted to use, and always fun to print a big piece.
if it turns out good, i will put it on my etsy shop.
also, having a fun printing on paper for a new product " memo & wood ".

Monday, April 26, 2010

embroidery on the bag.

i wanted a big messenger bag that i can put all my stuff in it.
and i found a perfect simple bag on j.crew.( i dont see it amy more on their site.)
i like the bag, really big and sturdy, but i thought its little too simple so i embroidery on it. :)

is anyone watch dexter? i know its old news...
i just watch the season 4 finally, in japan, they air months later than USA.

im shock that ??? is gone!!! rita can be annoying but i still liked her.
but i still have deb, she is my favorite in the show and of course dexter. im so glad to know micheal hall recovered from his cancer.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

new stuff.

hello, yesterday, i spend a day at earthen place cafe doing a craft show.
the place is so beautiful and nice!
look at the view!
i forgot to take a pic of my table...
it was a small show that only 6 vendors were there, but lots of fun with many people.

i dont know many people around here, so it was good to meet crafty people in my neighborhood.

i added some new stuff in my etsy shop.
rain man and cafe aprons.

i had a printed fabric that i didnt have any use for, so i made a little rain man.
they are limited of 4.

and more cafe aprons.

only printed 1 each.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

result for towels giveaway!

thank you all for participate!

the threads i used for the mountain piece was
noone didnt get a right number, so 3 lucky person who got a closest numbers are
veronique 126
wvgirl 77

please email me with your name and address. i will ship your set of 2 towels!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

nice to meet you too

yay! my work is included in the book " nice to meet you too" from victionary!
i cant wait to receive a copy.
i see my card on front cover, above O of "TO".
i will post my page when i have my copy.

and, my towels are featured in crochet today! magazine.
they are out now.

Monday, April 19, 2010

hayama art festival.

hayama art festival is starting this weekend.
its an art festival that more than 140 artists and shop who live around hayama, zushi, akiya open up their house/studio to public and show what they make.

hayama is a place known for a resort and many summer houses here.
after meiji era, because of location(close to tokyo) and a beautiful ocean and mountains, many artists and writers moved up here.
so hayama and art has very close relationship!
my grand parents had their summer house here for last 50 years and now i get to live here while im in japan! yay!
the house is 50 years old house, old... but i have a good memory of visiting here when i was kid so i feel lucky that i get to live here even for a short time!
besides a car, you gotta take a bus to get here, meaning not many people, meaning not many commercial businesses.
lots of shops and stores are here forever, generation to generation, which is nice!

there are lots of events ( music, a craft fair, talk shows, performances ) happen during the 2 weeks.

i missed the deadline for open house app, but
i will be at 海山バザール(umiyama bazaar)at earthen place which is a nice cafe in my neighborhood.

i will be selling my towels!
so today i printed bags.

i wont be participate open house officially, but you are welcome to stop by my studio during the festival. i will make you a tea or two!

秋谷にある、アーセンプレイスというカフェで近隣のクラフト作家展示販売に参加します。 採れたて地野菜・海産物の販売もあるそうです。 とっても素敵なカフェなので,是非来て下さい!

より大きな地図で 第18回葉山芸術祭 を表示

Friday, April 16, 2010

happy 3rd birthday PataPri. towels giveaway!

ive been working on this piece for a while, finally finished!!!
it took me forever,and i like the end result.

while i was working on this piece, i missed the important day for PataPri...
it was PataPri's 3rd birthday on April 13th!
even though, i closed PataPri for 8 months last year, im happy that im still doing it!

anyway, to celebrate PataPri's birthday, im doing a giveaway!

guess the number of threads i used for this mountain embroidery piece!

please, enter the number in comment section.

3 lucky people who get a right number or closest to right number will receive set of 2 towels from PataPri towel collections.

mountains infos.

size : 23.5in by 20in 60cm by 50cm

embroidery : 3 rounds french knots
threads : DMC threads 8m 8.7yd

please leave a number on my comment section by april 23rd.

Thank you all for guess the number!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

bath towels

i printed on size of bath towels with new design fish.

i wanted to design to look fine from every direction, so i created fish facing each direction.
this towels would be perfect to bring to the beach!

its same materials i use for hand towels, and very light and thin, so it wont take over your bag.

i think it can be use it as a baby blanket too.

i only printed 7 total for this size, and im not planning to print with this size.

take a look at my etsy shop! thank you!