Wednesday, June 25, 2008

look! Kristen made this beautiful quilt!

i got email from patapri customer kristen a couple of weeks ago.
look what she made with patapri fabrics!
they are amazing!! so colorful, modern quilt design, and my fabrics looks so good! you can read details of this quilt at her fun blog called UNRAVELED.
she made this for her baby, what a lucky baby!
thank you kristen for share this with me ( & you ).

Monday, June 23, 2008

duvet cover + pillow cases!

over the weekend i printed duvet covers, and i love it! i think this is my favorite. since i use about 24inch × 19inch screen, it's really hard when i print big piece like this. you have to worry about registration and space between each image. and once i mess up whole sheet will be waste, so im really careful when i print duvet, but it turned out nice!

linzie hunter towels and other towels are available now at my etsy shop!
i listed this morning, but Linzie towels are almost gone, so hurry!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Linzie Hunter's ABC towels, new paper towels & more!

I finally got some white linen fabrics and last couple of weeks, I've been busy printing, sewing, and ironing!
Linzie and I decided to to another edition of ABC towels! It was such a hit last time we did, (sold out in a few hours.) and Linzie and I received many email asking for more. I picked 4 colors combo this time, some similar from last time, but they are all different colors. I hope you like them!

I also printed my new design "Paper towel Kitchen towel". Let's try not use paper towel as much as we ( I ) do, and save some trees. If you miss using paper towel, don't worry now you have this paper towel kitchen towels!! It's even Eco price of $12! because I really want you to use this towel instead of paper towel!

and few of my other favorite designs also will be available in my etsy shop next week!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

how to card by gocco.

last night, i printed how to cards with gocco. it came out really nice.
a size 6 font even looks nice and sharp! gocco is so much fun!
i really like printing on paper as much as printing on fabrics.
so, im planning to launch PataPri Paper!
thinking about making posters and cards. i will let you know the details when im ready.
ok, im off to post office.
see you. :)