Tuesday, November 27, 2007

cups & christmas tree.

How was your Thanksgiving?
I had a relaxing day, and ate a lot!
I was also printing like a mad lady!
The new designs are Cups & Christmas trees. Winter is my favorite season so I designed them to show my love for cold but warm season of the year.
I printed some of my previous designs too.
They will be up in my Etsy shop later on today.
But!!! My sewing machine broke down on me last night while I was sewing many many towels. I was thinking about getting a new sewing machine so I will use this as excuse to get a new one! Yay! Hopefully today because I have many more to sew!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Lucky 7 winners!

Thank you so much for leaving many comments!
It was great to know what you guys want from PataPri.
Yes, yardage, I've been wanting to do that. That would be my next step.
I will consider all your thoughts and comments for big PataPri business meeting for year 2008 with me and me.
anyway, these are the winners.
"Yardage, or tablecloths and table runners could be great- love the idea for border- printed curtains (which would work on a tablecloth too!). I'd be more likely to buy yardage to make pillows than to buy ready-made pillows, but I'm sure there are others who would think the opposite."
I would love to see some fabric that could be used to make quilts or some patchwork! Thanks!
Definitely more yardage! Perhaps more patterns in a single color? Your towels and designs are lovely and I enjoyed your Etsy interview when you were a featured seller.
I love your work. Yardage would be great but also ...twill tape.
ake some beautiful bags! I also agree with the crowd that yardage would be lovely :)
(I keep adding things to the list and then deleting them thinking I've already listed too many. . . basically your fabric can make anything wonderful!)
I would love to see aprons as well. How about lounge wear, like pajamas/pajama pants to match the bedding sets you've been creating? Your patterns are so cute--I would also buy "girl short" type undies with your designs printed on them.
Yardage would be fabulous! I would also love to see placemats and napkins. I think they would make beautiful little sets.

Please email me with your shipping address.
Thanks again for giving lots of good input.
People who didn't win, I will do another give away around Christmas time so please come back and play!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

To. crafter and fabric lover

Thank you so much everyone for left comments!!
I will post winners tomorrow.
I said I will do this every week, but I will give away all at once.
so I will pick 7 people out of 35 people who left comments by Amidakuji which is very fair.
good luck!

I have printed soo many towels, and now I have many fabrics that I can't use for towels in my closet because they are misprinted.
I saw wonderful give away at my favorite textile designer Lara @ kirin&co, and I thought that's so great! so, I'm doing same thing to show my appreciation to everyone who like PataPri textiles.
Some of them are close to perfect, some disaster. Printed area is size of towels, so it's not big fabrics but I'm sure you could make something out of it. They haven't sew nor wash after print.
I will put together 10 misprinted towels of variety of design every week until they are all gone.

how to participate is just to leave a comment here, and tell me what kind of product do you want to see from PataPri. every Sunday night I will randomly pick number out of number of comments left. Not so many readers here, so you have a big chance to win!
Shipping is on me.

Thank you!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

The sour girl!

I'm very excited to show my new towels. It was collaboration work with ink designer wing.
I love his design!!
These are limited of 24.
You can purchase them at ink shop and my shop!

more bedding sets are at PataPri etsy shop!

I'm so happy to finally list my new bedding at my Etsy shop.
I was working on them last couple of months. do I take too long to make these? I think so, but I'm happy with my new bedding's.
They are all Twin size, I was thinking these are perfect for children's bed room. or even for college students who use twin size bed, these will brighten up dorm room!
take a look!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

a busy weekend.

Last weekend was a busy weekend.
I went to SOFA on Saturday. I was just amazed by beautiful works. There are so much to say about work i saw, but I cant really describe in words, I had good time there. Only regret is that I should have wore more comfortable shoes, my high heel boots were killing my feet by walking around for hours.

Sunday, I had my first fair.
Thank you for those who stopped by my booth.
It was at school, and many of vendors were selling not hand crafted items, but i did good in my opinion.
I would say talking to customer and selling my stuff is not my strong point, but I learned a lot, and had a wonderful time.
maybe, I do more fairs in the future.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Bernard Zell Anshe Emet Day School Holiday Shopping Festival

I am going to be at Bernard Zell Anshe Emet Day School Holiday Shopping Festival on this Sunday Nov. 4th. This will be my first fair that I get my own table and sell my towels! I'm excited and little nervous. I totally forgot about bags to use at fair, so I printed bunch of them today. I also made my table cloth to use at fair. I will be selling towels, and also twin size duvet covers and sham set. If you are in neighborhood please stop by!

Bernard Zell Anshe Emet Day School Holiday Shopping Festival

Nov 4th 10am - 4pm
3751 North Broadway Street

Chicago, IL 60613

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Love for printmaking!

You all know I love silkscreen printing, and now I am learning other printmaking such as etching, lithography, and relief printing.
There are great printmaking classes at Harold Washington college in Chicago.
My teacher Richard Repasky who used to teach at Art Institute Of Chicago and Anchor Graphics is a great artist and teacher. His knowledge of all kind of printmaking is just amazing. I feel so lucky that I got a chance to learn from him.
I found myself loving etching. This is the picture of my second attempt etching print! I took a picture of handmade crochet monkey doll I bought from Etsy and changed with photoshop and draw on zinc plate. I think Brown ink goes well with the image, and accent orange color is nice.
What do you think?