Friday, February 26, 2010

Print & pattern book!

i just received copy of my "print&pattern" book by bowie style!

i couldnt wait till amazon japan stock it, so i ordered it from amazon UK, took only 3 days to get here in japan. thanks UPS!

im just so thrilled to see my work in this beautiful book!
im honored to have my work included along with many other talented designers!!! i remember reading her blog before i even thought about selling my works, and thinking wow i love this blog!
so when i saw my work on her blog for the first time, i was so excited and couldnt believe it. when marie
(a.k.a. bowie style) asked me to contribute my work for her new book in 2008, you know how i felt!

i started PataPri in 2007, and im so happy and thankful that im still able to continue what i love to do.
thank you everyone!

people, please get your copy!
amazon usa
amazon uk
amazon japan

i wish i could show this book to my dad, he would be so proud!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

PataPri towels will be @ shopcolumbia!

my towels will be selling at ShopcColumbia in march!

ShopColumbia is where columbia college students and alumni selling their works.
its located at 623 S. Wabash, 1st Floor, chicago.
if you are in a neighborhood, please stop by!

Friday, February 19, 2010


ive been living my grandmas house for 4 months now.

since i will be here for a short time, i dont want to do much with this house.
but i wanted to change a bit to reflect my taste and brighten up this house, so i made the curtain for an entrance.
i also display some of my collection.
all my belongings are still in chicago, i landed in japan with 1 suitcase and a bag (only summer clothes) and ended up staying here longer than i thought!
im not complain, i applicable that i have a house to myself and be able to print! :)
but these cute little things cheer me up!

little bowls with birds are from Tasha McKelvey
kitties are from feltmates arent they so cute? when i saw it on her flickr, i had to ask her for custom made them.
fox and cushions are from
sara carr she is one of my recent discovery at etsy, i love all of her work.
billy(man wearing rabbit suit) is from blamo toys billy is so cool, emotionless rabbit man but touch my emotion.

i made drawsting bags with scrapped towels. i found the simple drawstring bag tutorial on online ( sorry, in japanese), it was so useful and helpful.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


here is a new design from PataPri towel collection!

my recent trip to nikkou (日光)inspired me to design mountain.

mountain i saw there was blueish, but i printed with a season color.

i hope you like it!

i also printed rain for large towel.

available @
etsy & supermarket.

Monday, February 08, 2010

stationary love

i have things for stationary. when i see beautiful and pretty design stationary, i buy them!
they have to be functional too because they are stationary.
here are my recent purchase.

whale knife
this knife is a very sharp and made of tosa steel.

it fits in your palm perfectly.

MT wrapping paper
you know those colorful masking tape, they recently start selling new wrapping papers.
they use same paper as masking tape. it has adhesive at sides, so you can make a bag and envelope easily.

i like good scissors!
a long one is useful when i need to cut a big paper.
a square handle one designed beautifully, and it works great for lefty.

dot liner glue
this glue works great without mess!
and sticky part shapes are star, i have a heart shapes one too.
i use it for my sleeves for my towels.
no one see the stars and hearts shape but its fun to use.

remember i made my business cards with paper called "pachica"?
this paper is very difficult to print to get transparent, need high printing technique.
so not many printing company use this paper , and paper is pretty expensive!
i read that this paper was created for nagano,japan Olympics 1998
anyway, i found the another printing company specializes print pachica(they do all kinds of print too) and they are offering special deal for 200 business cards with pachica paper.
so i ordered tags. they even gave me a plate!
they only charge ¥12.000($110) which is amazing price. i paid waaaaay more for my cards ( well, my cards have 2 more colors)
so if you live in japan, its a great chance to make pachica business cards here!
the offer end march 1st.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

my towel is in the storque!

my sweet home towel is in the storque etsy finds. yay!

it is included in the valentine's gift idea for her vote.
vote for my towel! :)