Saturday, July 28, 2007

Apple duvet covers + shams will be in PataPri shop next week!

I love bedding, I have almost 10 duvet covers and shams sets (4 of them are handmade by me and others are from west elm, ikea, dwell etc... I want more but they are bit pricy, someday I want to get a 100% linen bedding!!). I dont use flat sheets ( it's japanese thing, i think.) so, I change duvet cover every week. It's just feel nice, and visually refreshing.
When I started to silkscreeing, one of the thing I wanted to make was duvet cover with my own design. so I did! and now I'm happy to share my apple design duvet cover + shams with you.
I had fun printing these, took me all day to print!
It will be in my Etsy shop next week. so please take a look!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Fun at Pitchfork festival.

I had a great time at Pitchfork festival. Seeing faces of people who buying my towels were exciting experience.
It was great to see other crafters too. I saw some etsy seller.
They also had Flatstock 13 Poster Convention!! So many beautiful silkscreened posters were there, I had hard time chosing. I wanted to get them all! I boutht 3 posters in the end.
I'm working on duvet cover finally. I will list it on my etsy shop by next week.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

PataPri Up coming event!

PataPri towels will be at Depart-ment at Pitchfork festival at Union Park this weekend!
Pitchfork is music festival and Depart-ment will be there. De La Soul (love them!) will be there along with many other.
Depart-ment is not reguler craft fair so I won't be there all day, but I will be there at paper/art/home section on Friday13th and Satuday14th night 7:30 - 10:15, if you see me please say hi, i will hi back to you!
My inventory is low as usual, so I printed many towels yesterday for the fair and etsy. I'm supposed to cutting and ironing and sewing now, but Im watching "top chef".... and blogging...

*pics are goco cards i printed for fair. They are free so grab them if you are at Depart-ment!

Friday, July 06, 2007


Yesterday, my new gocco came in mail!
I think i did gocco when i was a kid ( like every other kids did in japan back in 80's ), but it has been a while and I was so excited.
I made cards with my towel design and my how to cards and alien I drew last year for first try. It turned out pretty good!

Monday, July 02, 2007


BlackBags made a beautiful bag using my apple fabrics!!
It looks amazing!
I love doing collaborations with other creators.
Hopefully I can do more and more after summer!