Wednesday, March 03, 2010

wrapping paper & mizuhiki

i wanted to make my own wrapping paper when i do gift wrap towels.
and i found beautiful paper that printable with inkjet printer.
the paper feels like washi(japanese paper) and fabric.

print came out perfectly, and nice!

my new craft hobby is called mizuhiki (水引), it's traditional japanese craft that has been around since 1400 years ago! ( according to mizuhiki site i read.)

im not good at explaination, so please read wiki. :p
there are many kinds of knots and each knot has meaning and when to use...

i found it really beautiful so im enjoying making it and not worry about all the rules of mizuhiki.
those cords are pretty cheap( 100 codes for $4-5) and they have many colors available and you know i love colorful color!

i tried it for the first time, and i gotta say its not easy!
to line up 4 codes nicely is hard.
i hope to make more complicated shape someday!

anyway, im ready to do gift wrap!
these gift wrap is available for $3 at my etsy shop.
sorry i have to charge it since paper is pretty expensive and mizuhiki takes time to make one.
free gift wrapping is available as always. ( glassine paper with cute ribbon!)

so please leave a message " i want a gift wrap! " when you place order my towels :D.

or purchase my new gift wrapping.


meredith cheng - munaluna said...

I love the look of your designs on the paper! The washi is amazing...beautiful texture - I really appreciate different kinds of paper. what a great option for your etsy buyers :)

Yuko said...

hi meredith,
i like paper too.
i have many sample paper books from paper company. and choosing right kind of paper for a project is so fun!

yagawa kengo said...

aloha meredith...i am a sailor and love tying knots and recently discovered mizuhiki after tying similar knots for years under different names...i.e. josephine/sailor/
carrick bend. C.A.Cota's Beginners Guide to Tying Mizuhiki cover has a knot similar to your RED and BLACK envelope mizuhiki slider...note that Cota's goes under and over at the ends while yours goes under and under at both ends. Is there a different name for these two variations...and what do you call it in the sample on your website?