Sunday, March 21, 2010

love etsy!

i was smiling when i open my mail box today. ( yes, mail man delivers in sunday too in japan )
came from washington and new york by amazing etsy sellers!!

egg shaped containers are from an amazing artist Jennifer Fisher of jfish designs.
these containers cast from an actual egg!!!
i didnt buy these to put beads in it, but they look cute together.

and these beautiful hana(flower) beads are from mika of pinocean.
when i first saw her work on flikr, i just loved it!
and went to her etsy shop and bought myself hana beads, and i wanted more, so i ordered more for them.
ive been thinking about how i will use these. i want to make a wall art with embroidery and these beads. i cant wait to start working on it.

a cute little hi are from oh hi shop.
they are nice addition to my shelf, arent they?


Sara said...

Hi, I have just recently found your blog and I'm in lurve! Can you please tell more about the little softies in your shelf here - the fox, the bear, they are so cute.

Yuko said...

Hi sara!
Thank you for stopping by my blog :)

those cute things at my shelf are almost all from an amazing etsy sellers.
thats cats!!!

here is the more details with pic in my flickr

Snowdon said...

Love the little 'hi' signs, very cute idea!