Friday, March 12, 2010

patapri on facebook fan page.

hello, i finally decided to join facebook.
i havnt figure it out how to use, but im trying! please join my page :)
here is patapri facebook.

a beautiful flower & antique shop here in akiya ( my town ) now carry my towels.
i found this shop while i was taking a walk, and bought flowers.
avanti shop is in 100years old kura which is really cool.

after i came home, i googled the shop, and found out a little history about avanti.

i then became friends with the owner of the 蔵(kura=old storage) who is architect. his house is behind the kura, and anvanti owner loved my towels!

anyway, my readers are faraway, but if you live near akiya, yokosuka, please stop by avanti!

their kura is something to see!

my studio and home is 10 minuits away from here, so if you are in neighborhood, stop by my studio. print together!

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meredith cheng - munaluna said...

yuko, your towels look amazing along with the book! I wish I could take a real look at the shop - looks like my kind of place to visit :)

Yuko said...

hi meredith,
not much things going on around my home besides beautiful ocean, but there are few shops and cafe make me smile!

Anonymous said...

Hi Yuko
Just wanted to say hello!
Your work is so beautiful, I will be purchasing some of your gorgeous towels at Etsy. Jill xx