Friday, March 26, 2010

hello from imabari-city!

i had an amazing time in imabari-city! what's so special about imabari-city?

imabari-city is known for making best towels in japan for last 100 years.

i didn't know about it either. i first read about imabari towels on apartment therapy last year in chicago, and just glad to see beautiful towels coming from my home country!

and now im back in japan, and most of you already know that i switched my material from linen to cotton (gauze towel).
the reason is that i wanted to make towels with something unique material and only found in japan , and i found the gauze towel.
i fallin love with them when i used it for the first time.

so soft and light ( i like the fact its thin that dry quickly and light )

i visited yoshii towel company. here is the pics of what they make and my visit to towel factory. a yoshii towel company makes an amazing towels with eco friendly, toxic free cotton. it cost more and takes time more, but they believe in what they do and continue doing it for last 50 years.

i will tell you more about what i was doing there and perhaps great news to patapri!!

super thanks to mr. president yoshii, mr.kikugawa, mr.mineda, and mr.kimura to show me and welcoming me!

and pics from a towel factory. i was so impressed with these machine and i never knew it takes soooo many steps to make a towel!
look at the huge role of threads.
many machines involved and many peoples hand involved.
after all these machine steps, people are sewing the hem, and checking towels one by one! i have more application for towels :).

ive seen these towels and bath mat in tokyo and magazines but never knew they went through so many peoples hand from imabari-city.
pretty sweet!


meredith cheng - munaluna said...

The factory tour looked amazing - I very much wished I could have seen it! I'm always interested in the making of products - I went to a papermill when I was taking a papermaking class once - I was enamored by all the steps that went into making different kinds of paper. The pictures of the towels are beautiful! Were you able to buy any during your trip?

Yuko said...

hi meredith,
i had a great time visiting a factory. so interesting!
papermill sounds fun to visit.
i did paper making too, but never had a chance to go to papermill.

i did bought a few towels for myself :) really nice stuff.