Friday, February 26, 2010

Print & pattern book!

i just received copy of my "print&pattern" book by bowie style!

i couldnt wait till amazon japan stock it, so i ordered it from amazon UK, took only 3 days to get here in japan. thanks UPS!

im just so thrilled to see my work in this beautiful book!
im honored to have my work included along with many other talented designers!!! i remember reading her blog before i even thought about selling my works, and thinking wow i love this blog!
so when i saw my work on her blog for the first time, i was so excited and couldnt believe it. when marie
(a.k.a. bowie style) asked me to contribute my work for her new book in 2008, you know how i felt!

i started PataPri in 2007, and im so happy and thankful that im still able to continue what i love to do.
thank you everyone!

people, please get your copy!
amazon usa
amazon uk
amazon japan

i wish i could show this book to my dad, he would be so proud!


meredith cheng - munaluna said...

Congratulations on the book, yuko! It sure must be nice to see your work printed, right? ;) I know that your father would be so proud of you - you're an amazing person with a great talent. Continue having fun making your work for many years to come!

Yuko said...

thank you so much meredith!
it is so nice to see my work in it!
im having a great day today :).

mariko said...

Omedetou gozaimasu! That's really exciting!

Yuko said...

arigatou gozaimasu!!
yes, im having a great week :)!

Rebecca said...

Hoooooooray! This is so cool, Yuko!

Yuko said...

hi rebecca!
yes yes im so excited about this book!