Wednesday, February 17, 2010


here is a new design from PataPri towel collection!

my recent trip to nikkou (日光)inspired me to design mountain.

mountain i saw there was blueish, but i printed with a season color.

i hope you like it!

i also printed rain for large towel.

available @
etsy & supermarket.


Danielle said...

Love both these designs!! And the large size towel looks really useful..

Yuko said...

Thank you Danielle,
this towel seems too long, but actually its really useful. :)

Beautymist said...

Ohayo Yuko-san!

I just discovered your wonderful blog via this other blog :

I love the mountain pattern in bright yellow! it will fit my white and yellow kitchen perfectly... and I love your mizuhiki knots!

best regards,

Yuko said...

konbanwa beautymist!

thanks for stopping by my blog.:)
happy to hear you enjoy my work!

cristian said...

great, beauty!