Friday, February 19, 2010


ive been living my grandmas house for 4 months now.

since i will be here for a short time, i dont want to do much with this house.
but i wanted to change a bit to reflect my taste and brighten up this house, so i made the curtain for an entrance.
i also display some of my collection.
all my belongings are still in chicago, i landed in japan with 1 suitcase and a bag (only summer clothes) and ended up staying here longer than i thought!
im not complain, i applicable that i have a house to myself and be able to print! :)
but these cute little things cheer me up!

little bowls with birds are from Tasha McKelvey
kitties are from feltmates arent they so cute? when i saw it on her flickr, i had to ask her for custom made them.
fox and cushions are from
sara carr she is one of my recent discovery at etsy, i love all of her work.
billy(man wearing rabbit suit) is from blamo toys billy is so cool, emotionless rabbit man but touch my emotion.

i made drawsting bags with scrapped towels. i found the simple drawstring bag tutorial on online ( sorry, in japanese), it was so useful and helpful.


Danielle said...

Those drawstring bags are really gorgeous!

Yuko said...

thanks danielle :)