Monday, February 08, 2010

stationary love

i have things for stationary. when i see beautiful and pretty design stationary, i buy them!
they have to be functional too because they are stationary.
here are my recent purchase.

whale knife
this knife is a very sharp and made of tosa steel.

it fits in your palm perfectly.

MT wrapping paper
you know those colorful masking tape, they recently start selling new wrapping papers.
they use same paper as masking tape. it has adhesive at sides, so you can make a bag and envelope easily.

i like good scissors!
a long one is useful when i need to cut a big paper.
a square handle one designed beautifully, and it works great for lefty.

dot liner glue
this glue works great without mess!
and sticky part shapes are star, i have a heart shapes one too.
i use it for my sleeves for my towels.
no one see the stars and hearts shape but its fun to use.

remember i made my business cards with paper called "pachica"?
this paper is very difficult to print to get transparent, need high printing technique.
so not many printing company use this paper , and paper is pretty expensive!
i read that this paper was created for nagano,japan Olympics 1998
anyway, i found the another printing company specializes print pachica(they do all kinds of print too) and they are offering special deal for 200 business cards with pachica paper.
so i ordered tags. they even gave me a plate!
they only charge ¥12.000($110) which is amazing price. i paid waaaaay more for my cards ( well, my cards have 2 more colors)
so if you live in japan, its a great chance to make pachica business cards here!
the offer end march 1st.


Georgie said...

Hi I love the dot roller and the scissors!! Do you know if these are available on line anywhere? Thanks.

Yuko said...

hi georgie,
they are really functional!
staples sells slimier one,
but i see you live in australia.
amazon has some, but didnt see star and heart one.

i see few online places sells long scissors, but they only ship to japan. :(

meredith cheng - munaluna said...


you always get the cutest things EVER - that glue looks amazing! And you know how I feel about the wrapping paper... :) I'm not quite sure about the whale use it for preparing food? and about your business cards - when I saw it, I was so mesmerized by how it looked! I was trying to figure out how you made them :o) so pretty!

Anonymous said...


Do you know if they ship the whale knife to the U.S.?

Thanks! that knife is soooo cute!


Yuko said...

hi shell,
aren't they so cool?
i found the stationary online shop that ship to usa.
the one i have is sold out, but they are different kind also smae one but smaller.
its all in japanese, so if you need help, just let me know.:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks YUKO!! you are sooo cool!