Thursday, April 03, 2008

Spring is here! at least in tokyo....

April is special month for PataPri, and also sakura season in japan.
it's a pretty amazing view of sakura! pics are taken by my brother in tokyo last week at meguro-river and near by japanese emperor's house.
anyway, last year of April, April 13th to be exact, patapri has started. i can't believe it has been a year already!!
I'm doing a few project towards the April 13th, i hope you all will enjoy what I'm working on.
one of the things I'm working on is that something i have requested most in past year. can you guess?
well, check back patapri news to see what they are.


perfectbound said...

Beautiful pictures, Yuko! And I can't wait to see what you're working on for the 1 year birthday of PataPri!

Waterrose said...

Those pictures are lovely! And, Happy one year Anniversary!

hine said...

Fabric, maybe?1周年記念おめでとう!

rach said...

congratulations on your first year! i really admire your designs love rachel xxx

Yuko said...

hi julie,
thanks! i'll tell my brother.
i can't wait to show you too!

hi waterrose,
thank you! i can't believe it has been a year...

hello hine,

hello rach,
thank you! im excited to having a 1 year birthday for patapri.

hine said...



Megan said...

Your brother's photos are beautiful! My brother lives in Tokyo, and he took a lot of photos of sakura this spring also.

Manilla Made said...

Such beautiful colours in these photograpths I love your blog!