Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Linzie Hunter

Last year I did collaboration work with wing aka inkdesigner, and I had such a fun experience, so when I was contacted by Linzie Hunter, I was like Yes!.
I am a big fun of her lovely illustration, so it was such a excitement to work with her ( through emails).
Here is her fun alphabet design. I picked the colors.
They will be available in my etsy shop next week!
They are limited of 50 towels ( available only 25 towels at my etsy shop for sale ). so, if you are her fan like i am, please take a look next week...


Spin Spin said...

These look so great! And I'm very impressed by the two colours - wow that would have been a challenge but they look perfect.

Yuko said...

thank you spin spin,
i like how color layered which i usually dont.
i like colors i chose, linzie happy with them too. so it's all good!! :)

perfectbound said...

I'll definitely have to check your shop constantly for these! What a great collaboration, Yuko!

PataPri said...

thank you julie!
it was fun printing.
they will be on sale next wednesday.

Ginny Piech Street said...

I'm new to blogging and fortunately found your blog early on. Your designs are clean and bold and make wonderful use of color. They capture the pure essence of screen printing.
Would love to see photos of your studio space.

Yuko said...

thank you ginny,
i started silkscreen 3 years ago, and i was hooked! it was wonderful to see my design on fabrics! and i love whole process of printing as much as designing them. i dont have my own studio to print, but will put some more studio pics.