Tuesday, April 22, 2008

silkscreen cards.

Last week, I was taking break from printing on fabrics, and I made cards for PataPri. They are silkscreen process print which I've never done.
It was so fun, as I printing yellow, magenta, cyan, and black, pictures full color showing up. I also used varnish on towels part, so it shining little bit on towels and i love it. I printed text and logo with gocco.


JSchwa said...

Those are amazing. You did a really fabulous job! I wish I could learn all of these processes from someone like you...but I live in the middle of nowhere Minnesota. :)

albrichardson said...

I'm amazed at the tight registration! How did you do that? You used a gocco press for the type and logo, but how did you do that 4 color process? I only do very basic silkscreening with small frames and have the hardest time just doing 2 different colors!

Yuko said...

hi jschwa,
thank you! i had so much fun printing them. I had 3 silkscreen instructor in chicago, i feel so lucky coz they are great teacher. you should visit chicago and visit lillstreet!
hi albrichardson,
registration was tricky, i used special pins(i dont know what they call)to hold paper, and paper has been holes punched exact same place. but you can use acetate to get good registration.
for fabrics, i mix lots of extender to inks so inks get transparent, so i can see first image/print through screen, so no hassle!

Megan said...

Yuko, the cards look terrific! You did a wonderful job.

I would love to visit Chicago for some classes.