Tuesday, April 08, 2008


One of the projects I'm working on for PataPri 1 year anniversary is to sell my designs as fabrics. I wanted to make something that you requested most for this special occasion.
It will be a pack of 3 designs piece of fabrics, small size and big size. Since making yard age fabrics are very labor intensive and takes long time, it will be very limited and also only this time. I hope you will enjoy them.
They will be available on April 16th Wednesday at my etsy shop!
I'm super busy packing right now!
I made little cards to go with my fabrics.
and waiting for sunshine to take pictures.


Shannon said...

Awesome! Ill be shopping....

Spin Spin said...

Oh, these look great, well worth the effort!

Yuko said...

thank you shannon and spin spin!
i am cutting my fabrics now.
can't decide what size for bigger size fabric packs...