Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I'm settled in my new place...

Happy new year everyone!
but it's already 15th!!
Over the holidays I was packing, unpacking, cleaning, sleeping, and eating, printing too!
I'm getting cozy at my new place after few weeks. I loved my old apartment, so it was kind of sad to leave there, but I started to enjoying my new place.
I picked all white furniture for my office since my new place is in half basement! I wanted to brighten up this place. I like the whiteness! They all came from Ikea except a desk. I store towels on shelf with doors. I printed apples curtains for my kitchen window and tree design for shower curtain.


Ellen said...

I love the apples curtains! Sooo cute!

sarah said...

your place looks so sweet! love the white office and love your new prints!

Yuko said...

hi ellen, sarah,
Thank you for your nice comment!
I'm trying to make my place functional and cozy with my limited budget!!

Kangaroopals said...

how cozy! looks great! love it.. ah your new designs are lovely.

rifferaff said...

looks great! you're office is so tidy. looks like a great place to be inspired.

Yuko said...

hi kangaroopals,
Thanks! my space still not done, but getting there!
hi rifferraff,
thanks! I cleaned up to take a pic, it gets messy but trying to keep it nice and organize, one of my new year resolution!
love your wrapping papers.

Gis said...

I tooootally love your shelf!! its adorable, and i agree, white is great, everything looks good on it :D

Mindy said...

Where did you get your flat files? They look like the perfect size!

Yuko said...

hi mindy,
they are coming from ikea.
its really functional,and simple design. i love it!