Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bye bye Bryn Mawr, Hello Pilsen!

I am moving to new apartment this weekend!
I started to pack my stuff up yesterday, and I realize how much stuff I gained after only 2 years living in Chicago.
I remember I came here with 2 suits cases and 1 box and my computer, and now I have 15 boxes full of stuff and more!!

Bryn mawr which is north side of Chicago was unfamiliar place when I moved here, I used to live in wicker park which is closer to down town, so I knew that neighborhood, but never really went far north, but after living here 2 years, it became my home, so I will miss this place!
My new apartment is in Pilsen, south side of Chicago. It seems very different neighborhood than Bryn Mawr, but I'm excited to explore new Chicago neighborhood. I heard there are many artists live there and there are many art galleries.
Because of this moving and to refresh PataPri, I am closing my PataPri etsy
shop for few weeks. I will be back with new stuff and fresh ideas after I settle into new place ( I need Internet too!! ).
One of my project for new place is to make a curtains! There are 8 small windows in my new place, so I will print fabrics for them, that would be fun!

I will blog about them when I finish.
and trip to ikea, some says ikea stuff is cheap in a bad way but i love ikea! especially for shelving, and as business perspective, it is just amazing to make their business so worldwide huge. they started from small furniture shop, and now they providing great stuff with reasonable price to people all over the world, that's the amazing part. they made millions of decision to achieve that from location to what colors of shopping bags to font they use for tags and etc.
Have a great holiday!!

P.S. I only received 3 emails (#10, #25, & #27) out of 7 winners of my fabric giveaway.. I still have your fabrics, email me or I will give away.


Ellen said...

Good luck with your move! If no one claims the fabric, give it to me!

Julie said...

Oh, you're moving! How exciting (and for the holidays, too!). And I second Ellen. I'll gladly take any extra fabric off your hands ;) I was so close the first time! (#2)

Have fun setting up the new place, Yuko! And Happy Holidays from me and Kathryn at Perfectbound.

triciasagen said...

I hope you have someone with a strong back to help you move all of those boxes!-And I hope the boxes are full of good stuff-crafty things are worth all of the trouble!

mango said...

Hi I am moving too! from country north shore, hawaii to south shore hawaii... I am townny soooon! I love your linens! Thank you for the extra towel !!


Yuko said...

thank you! it was a hassle for sure, but I used mover so they did most of the job, but still it was lots of work.
I left all those misprinted fabrics at my old apartment where my x-bf still lived, so I will pick them up soon.
Jilie, yes i was moving! it is exciting but also hassle, but thinking about interia design, and which furtiture to buy(not much budgeet though) kind of stuff excite me. take a look at my new place. I like my apple curtain!
triciasagen, three guys from did great job!
half of the stuff in boxes are crafty related. fabrics, and papers and 3 sewing machines!
you moved too? i did move from north to south of chicago too, but south shore hawaii sounds great. my mom used to live hawaii, but I only visted once... we need little sunshine here in chicago now, it's so cold...