Tuesday, January 22, 2008

PataPri etsy store re-open with fun housewares!

I finally finish taking pictures, and ironing all the new towels and table cloths. Take a look!


Gis said...

I love your designs!!! they are so modern, yet cute & fun!! :D :D :D

Yuko said...

HI Gis,
Thank you for your nice comment.
I'm glad to hear you like my designs!

Mirka said...

Hi Yuko, these are such lovely designs, I really admire your work. The colour combinations are also very fresh.

Yuko said...

Hello Mirka,
Thank you for your sweet comment!
I love colors, I always have fun time chosing colors.

Spin Spin said...

Ohhh, these all look great! Do you think at some stage you might make the apples or pears in tea towels? They're so lovely!