Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sweet home...

I wanted to make a something for Valentine's Day.
When I think of love, it comes from home and family, so I designed this home full of love. Color changes feel of looks of each house, isn't it?
Which one is your favorite colors?


Gis said...

first of all let me say i love them all!! :D its such a cute design!! lovely!! annnnd my fav is 2nd one from left to right :D

technicolorsarah said...

1 & 2 are my favorites, but they are all super cute.

Yuko said...

Thank you gis and technicolorsarah!
i had a fun printing them as usual.
i sub title them
love (valentines day), peace, happy, and fun.

Anonymous said...

So adorable! My favorites are peace and happy.

Shannon said...

ahhhh too cool!

rach said...

theyre all so lovely, a great design!

perfectbound said...

i was prepared to say the one on the left...then the one on the right... then the second from the left...so let's say i love all the colourways!

those would be very cute framed, even!

Yuko said...

Thank you guys for your sweet comments!
I love them all too, I just love color so much that I printed different colors for this design.

of paper & thread said...

This design is really gorgeous! and I love all the different colourways... Beautiful!!

ShiriMe! said...

beautiful colors! i do love the design. it's fun and mushy without being too cheesy on the hearts. and i think the element of the house is what really makes it so great.

any chance i could convince you to silkscreen your designs on those linen bags you made for your bedding collection? i loved the simple print and your logo on it. it looks like it would make an adorable little hamper or just to store "delicates" in the closet. haha.

let me know if that's something you might consider doing in the future to sell individually. i'd love one!

can't wait to see more as usual

btw - loved the mushroom tea towel. it arrived yesterday!


KiWi said...

The shades of magenta one is my fave. Beautifly.

Megan said...

This is a fantastic design! I like the rightmost one the best. I love magenta, blue, and green together.

Yuko said...

Thank you for your sweet comment of paper&thread,
oneday i will buy my own sweet home!

Hello Shirley,
glad to hear you like my new design!
I've never thought about selling that bag as indivisual, but thank you for your great idea!
I will think about it.
I'm glad you like your mushroom towel!

Thank you so much for your comments kiwi and megan!
I'm working on pillow cases with my design, so when i finish please take a look!

I have a question to all,
I was researching pillow cases, size, price, etc... and I notice most of pillow cases I saw has zipper closure, not envlope closure.
I'making it with envlope type.
people don't like envlope closure??
please tell me your opinion!
Thank you..

Megan said...

Yuko, what kind of pillows were you thinking? Throw pillows for the living room? I've had throw pillows with both styles of cases. It may be a wise decision to go for the envelope type, as I have had to repair several zipper pillows I have purchased. (It's a good thing I sew.)

SQUID37 said...

I love them all too much to pick one!!!

Hally said...

Gosh, these are sweet. I like the second one form the left most. Very lovely colour combination and design!