Tuesday, August 10, 2010

before & after pt.2 new studio!

hows your summer going?
it has been hot and muggy summer here in japan...
i dont do well with hot and humidity so i stay inside ac on working hard.

my new studio is almost done!
take a look at my new studio :) and before pics.
sorry about the mess on before , i took it right before i started to renovate so its messy!
i painted the wall and ceiling, and made this room clean and bright!
i like how it turned out.
the living room next to studio is heavy on wood and kind of dark, so i want my studio to be bright.
i chose white furniture for my new studio.
now im waiting for my new imac. :)

i changed the ink station little bit.
got 2 of white shelves from ikea, $19 a each, love ikea...

and my new curtains looks really nice with the beautiful view!

now im onto my bedroom,
im still waiting for my furniture, my clothes and all my personal items from chicago...
i cant wait to get my stuff back!
you know ever since i came back here, ive been sleeping on couch!!!!!!!
coz im little scare to sleep another rooms where no tv and empty.
im used to sleep on couch by now, but im big fun of bedding, love to sleep on bed with nice bedding soon!


Luciana said...

Loved it! Congratulations!!

Sarah said...

it's amazing how much more light and open it looks now!

emily b said...

I love your space - it's so bright and inspiring! -e

Mollie said...

Wow, what a great transformation! I really love your designs! All the way from Norway :-D

meredith cheng - munaluna said...

Yuko, I still can't believe how different your studio looks now! want to organize mine? ;)

Yuko said...

ahh thank you everyone!
i did print the curtain the other day in my new studio, and it was great!

sally said...

The new space looks so inviting. I love all the cabinets.

Aarti Badamikar said...

Lovely work space!!

Rijel said...

I LOVE having bright white for places where work and crafting needs to be done! It seems like it makes everything easier! And I'm in LOVE with the way your studio turned out!

Spin Spin said...

Wow, amazing change! It looks like a great place to work, yay :) And enjoy summer.

Karen said...

Your studio looks great. And you have such a beautiful view from your place! Can it be any more perfect?

Nell said...

your studio is beautiful. so fresh and airy. love it! where did you get that great print of chicago that's on the wall to the left of your work table?

Yuko said...

thank you so much for good feedback about my new studio!!!
im glad you guys like it. :)

i do feel very lucky to have work space like this, thanks to my grandparents!!!

isnt it cool poster? its screen printed poster from ork poster.
they have many cities.
and chicago is my second home town and had to have it here. :)

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Waterrose said...

what a wonderful studio...so fresh and lovely!

ATIVE backwards said...

That view is amazing and I wish I could visit!