Sunday, September 12, 2010



living room before( my grandma style )

new living room
apron front
apron back


it's almost mid september and its still hot as hell in japan.

sorry i complain about weather too much, but i just hate hot and humid weather. :p

anyway, my summer project of my new home is almost done.
i couldn't do big projects because of the budget, but my living room had a little face lift.
i change the ceiling color and light fixtures. it looks so much brighter in the room and i love how lights looks at night.
take a look at before and after pic!
little changes makes a big difference, isnt it?

i started to print towels a couple of weeks ago, and im enjoying working again in my new studio.

hopefully i can re-open my etsy shop by end of september.

my cousin and her daughter visited me today to pick up the apron i made for her.
she loved it and im happy! :)
( she is 10 years old )and i had a printing session together, and she enjoyed screen printing! i love screen printing, so see her enjoy doing it made me happy too.

i also had a fun visit few weeks ago, hitomi of kalla design and her friend came to my studio. it was great to see her in person, she was what i imagined from her work.
she said i wasnt what she expected... haha
we talked about screen printing, she shared resource of screen printing materials in japan and process of how we print, and whats her plan with her business, and mine etc...

i had a wonderful time with them, she gave me motivation! since i was slacking because of the heat!

so thats what i've been doing last few weeks besides feeding to my bird toby.


Hitomi said...

Thank you so much for inviting me to your studio the other day! I had a wonderful time too and so did my friend.

Your home can be such an inspiration
and I'm sure I'll be there again! :)

By the way, what a great picture of Toby!! :)

Karen said...

How nice to have a friend like Toby!