Wednesday, July 14, 2010

before & after pt.1


my shop is closed for summer!
for first project of update my house is change the curtains.
i was printing all day yesterday, i bought a beautiful white linen 100% fabrics.

i printed with rain drop design with light colors.
i put 90% extender in the inks, so it looks really transparent.
i think i will use this one for my new bedroom, since colors are not screaming, it goes well with my new wallpaper and bedding.

i also upholstered 3 stools.
these are for my 2 nephews blue one and niece pink one when they visit here. :)
there are 6 dining chairs that i wanted to upholster, but they have fabrics on back side that there is no way i could do that. so i send them off to pro.
its coming tomorrow and cant wait to see it.

i wish you have a wonderful summer!


Spin Spin said...

Oh, I love Julia's wallpaper too, how exciting! And your curtains and stools look great. Have a great summer.

Yuko said...

thanks suzan!
i was gonna put wallpaper myself but i dont think i can do it correctly, so i let pro do it for me.
cant wait too see it done!

you have a great summer too, or winter now in Australia??

Rachel Gray said...

Those stools look great! I can't wait for your shop to reopen. Enjoy your summer projects!