Saturday, July 03, 2010

PataPri is taking a summer off.

its july, hot and humid! ugh.
it has been 8 months since i came back to japan, longer than i thought.
but, i decided not to go back to chicago.

it was a hard and big decision for me to make since chicago is my second home town and spent most of my life after high school.
just a year ago, i never imagined that i live here, but now i am and loving it.
as much as i miss chicago, maybe this is meant to be.

living here alone surrounded by nature with lots of time in my hand gave me time to think about my life and business, not too serious but i did thought about it.

im happy with my decision.

so now that i really decided to live in japan,
i want to make my house to reflect who i am.
and i want PataPri to have a fresh start with new towels.
so im closing my etsy shop for the summer and come back with new towels, new website, and just fresh start from japan!

here is my plan for summer.

+ update my website

+ print towels with my new imabari towel

+ prepare for wholesale business (finally!)
+ paint my studio and change things to make it way i like!

+ renovate bedroom and living room

( all my furniture except ikea furniture and my stuff are shipping from chicago, which cost me more than cost of furniture! but i like my furniture and there is no room & board (my favorite furniture store )here.....

i will update how things go during the summer time, and post before and after of my rooms, it will be diy style, hopefully i wont mess up!

so PataPri will be closed from july 14th to end of august.

shop now with free shipping!!


M is for make said...

Have a good summer and look forward to hearing from you when you get back.

Nadja said...

hey, wishing you a great summer and I'm curious to see all the new things you make in the meantime :-)

Rachel Gray said...

I'm so excited to see the towels!

Yuko said...

Thank you guys!
im excited to have a fun and productive summer at new home in japan.
new towels are waiting to be print, and im working on new design too.

hope to see you after summer!

lindseybalbierz said...

good luck, looking forward to your new products come september! :)