Thursday, June 05, 2008

how to card by gocco.

last night, i printed how to cards with gocco. it came out really nice.
a size 6 font even looks nice and sharp! gocco is so much fun!
i really like printing on paper as much as printing on fabrics.
so, im planning to launch PataPri Paper!
thinking about making posters and cards. i will let you know the details when im ready.
ok, im off to post office.
see you. :)


flowerpress said...

Wow, I was so impressed by your printing before but after reading about your process I am blown away. Really interesting to know how you do it. I've just done a screenprinting course and it has given me a new respect for all screenprinters LOL! Oh and I love your work :-)

Yuko said...

thanks flowerpress.
screenprint is so much fun.
im really addicted to silkscreen, i've been printing for little over 3 years and im still not get bored at all!

JSchwa said...

This is lovely. I have a gocco and I stink at it...I've used it once. I am so inpatient. I love the way your stuff turns out!

CĂ©line said...

Waou! I really love love love your univers, prints, colors...
Beautiful, Great, Cute, Original...

Yuko said...

thank you jshwa. gocco is fun! try again, you might love it second time.

thank you celine!
Im so happy to hear you love my stuff. I really enjoy making stuff, silkscreen, gocoo, sewing, im glad you felt my joy from my stuff..

perfectbound said...

oh! patapri paper?? so exciting! i can't wait to see :)