Tuesday, May 27, 2008

sewing zipper is hard!

yesterday, it was 80 degree, beautiful weather, and today was 50 and cold!
so I stayed in and making a little pencil case and pouches using my scrap fabrics. I was having hard time sewing zippers, i need upgrade my sewing machine and upgrade my sewing skill too! but i like my little pencil cases!


pip said...

Good Job Yuko! It is hard... but keep practicing! Because you are clever! xx

iHanna said...

You did a great job, they are so cute and your fabrics are amazing. Love the penguins!

Yuko said...

Hello Pip & ihanna,
Thank you!
After I finished sewing them, I read how to sew zippers, and found out i need to use zipper foot to sew zippers! :p
I still had a fun making something other than kitchen towels!

Waterrose said...

Zippers are the worst!

Danielle said...

Your pouches are really gorgeous!