Friday, June 20, 2008

Linzie Hunter's ABC towels, new paper towels & more!

I finally got some white linen fabrics and last couple of weeks, I've been busy printing, sewing, and ironing!
Linzie and I decided to to another edition of ABC towels! It was such a hit last time we did, (sold out in a few hours.) and Linzie and I received many email asking for more. I picked 4 colors combo this time, some similar from last time, but they are all different colors. I hope you like them!

I also printed my new design "Paper towel Kitchen towel". Let's try not use paper towel as much as we ( I ) do, and save some trees. If you miss using paper towel, don't worry now you have this paper towel kitchen towels!! It's even Eco price of $12! because I really want you to use this towel instead of paper towel!

and few of my other favorite designs also will be available in my etsy shop next week!

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