Thursday, May 22, 2008


awawawaa is a japanese word (?)or sound word that you use(not really) when you are in panic or scare or surprised.
and i was awawawaa this week, when I did a tv interview!
I never thought or wanted to be on tv even though i LOVE watching tv, but for love of PataPri i did it! whew!
I couldn't say 5% of what i wanted say about PataPri but it's done, so move on!
They came to my studio/apartment and shot some of my stuff, and did little interview.
producer, and camera people were super nice, so that helped. thank you sam!
I spend all weekend clean up my place! so it's clean now if you want to visit me, now is the time!
anyway, so that's how my week going so far. I will let you know when the show air.

pic is a new color fabric kirin kitchen towel taken at my apartment garden, love this garden! i usually don't do pink but when i saw this fabric at store, i bought it because its sooo soft and medium weight but so light and i just liked it.


hine said...

Awawawawawawa---!!! Yay! Patapri on TV! Hope I can watch it in Canada too! Which TV show?

sally said...

So cool. On tv sounds exciting and scary. Love the new print.

Yuko said...


hi sally,
yes, it was exciting and scary. but i had a fun!