Thursday, December 20, 2007

"Forest in the box"

Working with clay is hard! I have worked with many media, paper, woods, plaster, but clay is one of the media I have hard time with. no control over after they go into kiln. well, I'm a beginner.
I took a ceramics class this fall, and this is the piece I made.
An assignment was to make a Pandora's box.
This is called a "Forest in the box"
My idea was to create little forest inside the box as they are precious thing.
I wanted to have it smooth surface, but I grazed too thick and came out like this from kiln. I was disappointed at first but Even though this wasn't my intention, it's now looks like snow to me and I like it like that.
I like how my version of trees sticking out from box, and birds chilling.

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