Tuesday, June 21, 2011


remember me?
sorry for long absent from blog...
im doing great, and my motivation came back finally! :p

i have printed many baby blankets last few week, and i wanted to show you new one.
friend of mine asked me if i can print the design i made it for wrapping paper for baby blankets and i thought that would make fun blankets.

pillow cases and bath towels will be available soon.


emily b said...

Oh, Yuko - they're wonderful! I especially love the color combo of the turquoise/yellow one - so calming! I'm glad to see you back and that you're feeling motivated once again! -e

meredith cheng - munaluna said...


HOW ARE YOU!!!???? Your work is beautiful and fun as always - it's so refreshing to see your new products :) I hope to visit Japan in the future (plans always change at home) so maybe we can have those red bean cakes at the temple again :D

MISS YOU and I wish you all the best and happiness your way!!!


Rug Cleaner said...

they are gorgeous. I love them.

halloweenie said...


I'm so happy your baby blankets are back and I'll be looking for them on your Etsy page!


Snowy_Owl said...

Oh I am stalking your ETSY page for the baby blankets - I'm having a baby in March 2012 and so want one for him/her.