Wednesday, March 30, 2011

thank you...


Thank you so much for your kind words and support.
we have been dealing with very hard time here in japan, but we will get through this. really?

ok, ive been really depressed by watching the news, so many people lost their family and home. dont feel like to enjoy anything.
i want to do something for them, but i dont know what can i do for them besides donate money, blanket, etc.

but being depress and feeling sucks dont help anything.
so i work.
i wanted to make an original wrapping paper to wrap my towels when i ship, so i finally made it.

i found a very unique print shop called retro printshop, they specialized to print old school style using newspaper , card board, craft papers and etc...
i chose the paper that has texture on the front and smooth on the back. i love how it turned out.
now i have cute wrapping papers to wrap my towels. :)
since i print a lot, i might be selling at etsy.


Brittany said...

I would love if you sold your papers on Etsy! I sell handmade soap on Etsy and I wrap it in origami paper, sealed with washi tape. It is very cute! I like happy things and your paper is very happy-looking!

Yuko said...

hi brittany,
thank you for visiting my blog.
your soap looks great!

i just listed new wrapping paper in my etsy, have a look! :)

Nadja said...

both patterns are very cute!

Simone said...

Hi Yuko;

Sometimes you have to do things one thing at a time and see that that helps. If you look at the whole it becomes overwhelming and too much to deal with. You don't have to do it alone.

Tomorrow there is a fundraiser here in Holland collecting money for the Japanese red cross. Usually these things generate lots and lots of money, lets hope so lots of people can be helped. Be grateful that you don't live in Haiti with a corrupt and disfunctional government.

meredith cheng - munaluna said...

Hello Yuko,

You and the rest of Japan will pull thru this tragic time - the whole world is thinking of Japan and helping every way we can! Please try to think positive even though it is difficult. It is of extreme generosity that a portion of your sales will go towards the earthquake relief.

We love you!!


* I saw that Hitomi's sister gave birth to a healthy baby boy and that he was kept cozy in one of your blankets - that really warmed my heart :)

Jo said...

Hi Yuko,

Just discovered your designs and products on Etsy and wanted to let you know how stunning I think they are! Is there any chance you might start printing fabric by the metre and selling it?

Hope life is getting back to some sort of normal for you after the earthquake. I'm from New Zealand and just as we haven't forgotten our disaster, we haven't forgotten yours either. All the best.


gusDon said...

I understand the suffering that occurred in Japan, a tsunami is always terrible.
Country several years ago also experiencing the same thing. It was very miserable, we should give support to victims who very much.
Note that interesting!

Meeha Meeha said...

Oh, the prints are just great! I tend to wrap everything in brown Kraft paper (with a twist), so I think your design will look awesome if printed directly on Kraft paper, as well. The brown background matches the retro colors, it costs less and you've still got plenty of texture.