Sunday, January 31, 2010

more stickers from PataPri

i had so much fun printing stickers, so i printed them again!
its half size smaller with 18 designs.
it was supposed to be 5 colors, but when i finished printing 5th color (purple) i realized i missed 2 place, one of the house, and 2 dots on アリガト(thank you) .
so i added red in last.

printing on fabrics and paper is basically same, but to me i found it little more difficult printing on paper.

they are available @ my etsy and supermarket.


Kelly Medina said...

Ooh, I love stickers and these are so cute. I love the rich colors.

meredith cheng - munaluna said...

again, I think printing stickers is such a great idea, yuko! did you like it printing by hand screen print or using the small gocco? great results either way! You might want to try making those little buttons too by printing them out by inkjet :)

Yuko said...

Thank you kelly,
i had a so much fun prinitng them :)

hi meredith!
i like gocco too, but their supplies are so expensive and my gocco is in chicago. i think gocco is easier for registration.
buttons are great ideas, i might have to do that.

Waterrose said...

Cute stickers and a nice change from the usual.