Saturday, January 02, 2010

happy new year!

my mom likes to decorate the house on holidays, this is for new year.

wishing you
the very best for 2010!

im having great holidays, spending time with my family, doing all my family tradition.
which reminds me of my childhood, remembering how excited i was on christmas and new year...

hope you had great holidays too!



Suzy said...

Those decorations are so cute!
Happy new year, and wishing you all he best for 2010.

Yuko said...

hi suzy,
thank you for stopping by my blog.
my mom loves cute little things, so during the holiday season, she display those all over the living room. *o*

happy new year!!

jennifer said...

Hej my dear:
Happy New year 2010! I hope the best for your career, your come back to America! can't wait to c U!, a lot of money money and after all health!!
Take care: