Tuesday, April 14, 2009

hello from tokyo!

chidorigafuchi by emperor's house
kamakura (鎌倉)
view from my grandma's at hayama
tokyo tower

im back in tokyo again. im so happy to be here this time of the year. it's a cherry blossom season in japan. they are so beautiful and only last for a week or 2, so i feel lucky!
i went to a few famous cherry blossom places, meguro-kawa(目黒川), kamakura(鎌倉), and chidoriga fuchi(千鳥ヶ淵 ). weather was perfect and it was amazing view.
i dont usually go back to japan so often, and since im away from japan for 15 years, i appreciate many little things about japan which i didnt even notice when i used to live here.
things i love about japan.
1. people are so polite and i believe japanese customer service is the best in the world! at bank, grocery store, post office, everywhere i go, they treat you like you're the queen.
2. trains and buses are so clean and don't smell like cta. drivers are also very polite and nice.
3. convenience store. i will miss japanese seven eleven, ampm, and ローソン。they carry many teas which i love.
i appreciate these little things.

im going back to chicago next week. i cant wait to finally get back to print!


meredith cheng - munaluna said...

Finally another post, Yuko! Those cherry blossom trees are breathless...I would love to travel to Japan during this time - you're a lucky girl! Appreciate your time in Japan while you can =)

BuggletQuilts said...

The trees are gorgeous! I can completely understand why you would be excited about the lack of CTA smell on the Japanese public transportation.

Texapina Mel said...

I just discovered your site via bloesem. Loved seeing the photos from Hayama. We moved back a year ago to the US after 4 years living in Shichirigahama and are missing Japan and all our friends and especially the beach!

Yuko said...

hello meredith,
thank you for your comment!
yes, those cherry blossom was just so beautiful. it was best time to visit japan.

hello bugglequilts,
yes cta smells, but i like cta, i use buses and L all the time :).

hello taxapina mel,
thank you for visiting my blog.
oh yes shichirigahama is not too far from hayama. i imagined you had great time living there. must be big different coming back to usa after 4 years...