Friday, March 13, 2009

im back!

set of soy sauce bottle, tooth picks and spice container from J-period.

konpeitou (金平糖 suger)from QUOLOFUNE (黒船). their dorayaki is pretty good.

pear shaped lip balm and hand cream. i had to get these! i got them from drug store.

a little linen tray from cibone. i bought this to put set of 3 containers. i like this store. they have many things that i want! from furniture to note book.

a fish shaped big spoon for rice. i can scoop many rice at once haha. from outlet.

cute birds cloth pins from j.[posh].

a big chopstick for cooking from outlet.

im back in chicago!
it is good to be back and im taking a much needed break.
here are some stuff i bought from japan.
i didnt have much time to shopping while i was there, but my hometown jiyuugaoka(自由が丘) is known to have many zakkaya san (雑貨) so one afternoon i walked around neighborhood and got some little cute stuff.

im going back to studio this weekend.
i havnt print for a while so im excited to go back to print. im making little bags and stuff for my nephews.
i will post again when i finish making them. :)


Suzy said...

Welcome back! That is such cute zakka stuff.
I really like Jiyugaoka. My husband lived in Oyamadai for a year when he was on exchange in high school, so when we lived in Tokyo I often went back to visit.

meredith cheng - munaluna said...

It's great to hear that you're back, Yuko! Do take a break as long as you need. What adorable things you got from Japan! I especially like soy sauce set and those pears!

Pattern and Perspective said...

Love the bird clips. Cute. Good that your back. Take care. Can't wait to see your shop open again.

Yuko said...

hi suzy,
thank you for your comment.
yes, jiyugaoka has many nice shops and restaurants that i like.
i used to pass oyamadai when i used to go school in futakotamagawa.

hi meredith,
im glad to be back too! but going back again in a couple of weeks, but will be back soon.
yes, those soy sauce set is my favorite too.

hi p&p,
i couldnt resist to get these cute little stuff when i see them.
im planning to reopen my shop in summer.

thanks you all for comments!

hine said...

Welcome back, Yuko-san! That's a great idea to go to your studio for printing. I'm looking forward to seeing your new prints! Take it easy!

Skinny laMinx said...

Hi Yuko
Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your nice comment about my studio space. I'm so sorry to hear the sad news about your dad. What a very sad time for you and your family.

Spin Spin said...

Great to hear you're back - I've missed your blog! Hope you're doing well.

jennicaforce said...

I'm so happy to hear you are back. I hope you're doing well. Can't wait to see your shop re-open :-)

Rowan said...

Nice to see you're back, Yuko, hope you're doing well.

I changed trains at Jiyugaoka once, when I visited Japan a couple years ago - sadly, didn't get the chance to explore. I have some relatives who live near Todoroki station. I always remembered the name Jiyugaoka though, it sounded so unusual to me.

I look forward to visiting your shop when it's open again!

Yuko said...

hi everyone,
thank you so much for leaving comments! im doing fine.
im back to japan again. it is cherry blossom season in here, so i will enjoy them :).

Waterrose said...

Welcome back...those are some cute finds!